Welcome to Savor

A Celebration of Food

At Savor we are committed to provide our guest with Tavern to fine dinning ambiance, so you and your family can indulge in our specialty cuisine. A wholesome, satisfying and elevating experience. Our expert chefs constantly challenge themselves in creating better, tastier and more appetizing food. Welcome to Savor, where you can discover more than just our cuisine!

Unique Dining Experience

Savor turns eating and drinking into a whole new experience. The perfect gourmet gift or ideal treat for you and a dining companion.

Appetizing Food

At Savor you'll find mouthwatering selection of yummy food that will bring new experience to your taste buds.

State of the Art Restaurant

Along with the good food and great service, at Savor you can enjoy your food in a pleasant atmosphere of unique interior design.

For Reservations / Takeaways / Home Deliveries